Relationship Manager


We are seeking a mid-level professional who epitomizes a white-collar thinker with a blue-collar work ethic. Are you a reliable, focused, and exceptionally organized individual who thrives on completing tasks with precision? Do you possess strong communication skills, especially over phone and email, and excel in simplifying the complex? If you are a confident self-starter who can also shine as a team player, and if you have the ability to converse, debate, and influence outcomes, then we’re looking for you!


  • Full time
  • 1099
  • Remote work
  • Starting pay based on experience


  • Smart & Business Savvy: Navigating business challenges with ease and understanding the nuances of complex situations are second nature to you.
  • Highly Organized: Your top-notch organizational skills enable you to manage and execute multiple priorities flawlessly.
  • Expert in Conflict Management: You’re adept at resolving conflicts efficiently, ensuring a positive and productive atmosphere.
  • Inspirational: Your positive energy and optimism not only inspire but also motivate those around you.
  • Goal-Oriented: For you, achieving goals is both a passion and a driving force.
  • Tech Savvy: With a proficiency in navigating tech stacks, you’re always ready to leverage technology to enhance productivity.
  • Skilled Communicator & Presenter: Whether it’s articulating ideas, engaging in debate, or influencing outcomes, you communicate clearly and compellingly, captivating your audience.
  • Critical Thinker: You excel in breaking down complex problems into simple solutions, demonstrating exceptional analytical skills.



  • Reliable computer, phone and internet access
  • Dedicated space for meetings and phone calls


  • Recession proof business viewed as “essential” during COVID
  • Flexible scheduling and lifestyle accommodations
  • Positive and encouraging company culture
  • Remote work and casual professional environment
  • Strong company with a lot of upward growth

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